Tea Mindfulness Rituals

Reduce stress & invest in your HOLISTIC WELL-BEING.

So you can spend more time enjoying life.

Your inner peace & happiness are priceless.

I’m Louise, a Registered Nurse & Certified Tea Specialist.

Let me help and guide you…

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Self-healing, stress reduction, & holistic health techniques

Tea meditation, mindfulness meditation, mindful tea blending

You’re not alone. You have our Lady Glass CommuniTEA.

What is Tea Mindfulness Rituals?

Are you a busy woman, meditation beginner, self-healer, wellness enthusiast, or tea lover? Have you tried meditation, yoga, etc. before, and it didn’t work?

Perhaps you’re feeling extra anxious or depressed? Do you want to start your healing process but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. If you’re willing to take the first step to your healing, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

The Tea Mindfulness Rituals is an online, self-paced course that aims to help you:

  • Reduce/manage stress immediately & healthily
  • Promote holistic well-being (physical, mental, emotional, etc.)
  • Achieve inner transformation (self-care & self-love)

All these through teas, tea blending, and tea mindfulness meditations.

Online, self-paced, lifetime access! Healing starts from within. Just take small steps everyday.

xo, Louise (Registered Nurse & Certified Tea Specialist)

What You’ll Get

A self-guided & self-paced online course with natural, healthy tools for healing (lifetime access -as long as my course hosting platform is available. :D)

Mindful tea blending tips – Yes, I’ll teach you how to BLEND YOUR OWN TEAS!

Bonus: Tea Recipes For Relaxation

Mindful tea tasting & drinking

Mindfulness meditations (beginner friendly)

Bonus: Future access to live tea meditation sessions led by Louise, Registered Nurse and Certified Tea Specialist

Access to a safe & nurturing communi-TEA for connection (You don’t have to go through it alone!)

5-Step Tea Mindfulness Rituals guide to help you create healthy new habitsand go deeper into the work of healing

Guided meditations for self-healing and reflection


Who is this for?

Busy women (moms, entrepreneurs, career women – who don’t have the time but NEED immediate stress relief)

Women with anxiety, depression, &/or burnout (like me)


Meditation beginners / re-starters

Tea and wellness lovers

Anyone looking for support
Anyone looking for healthy tools and easy actionable steps to stress reduction, holistic health, & healing

Can Beginners Join, Too?

Yes, of course! The Tea Mindfulness Rituals course is beginner friendly.

It is also for someone who tried meditation, yoga, etc. before, and it somehow didn’t “work”. This could be a good complimentary healing tool for you.

Is the Tea Mindfulness Rituals available internationally?

YES! It’s for everyone, everywhere, everytime. 🙂

How is your cancellation policy?

Due to Covid-19 and the easy actionable steps with downloadables in the course, we are not offering any refunds on physical and digital products nor onlince courses as of the moment.

How can I enroll?

  1. Join the Tea Mindfulness Rituals course.
  2. Pay the fee.
  3. Receive the link to your course via email.

The access link is directly sent from Thinkific, the course platform. Please send me an email if your link has not arrived within 4 hours louise@theladyglass.com

See you in the Tea MIndfulness Rituals course and welcome to the Lady Glass CommuniTEA! 🙂


xo, Louise, Registered Nurse & Certified Tea Specialist

How does billing work? How can I pay?

You will be billed once before you can access the course.You may pay via PayPal or Stripe.