Stress-Less Summit

We've invited experts to share with us their tried and tested stress-less ways.

Stress-Less Summit

on the 10th of December

So you can spend more time enjoying life. You are worth it.

Stress Summit

In April 2022, my burnout took a toll on me. I had physical symptoms such as dizziness, weight loss, loss of appetite, and more. Scary is an understatement. I never want to experience it again. So, I promised myself that I will listen to my body more and honor its need for rest.

That’s why I’ve interviewed experts to help us keep ourselves organized and healthy throughout the year. I don’t want you to go through my dark and painful experience.

Take advantage of this FREE and BINGE-WORTHY summit. It was made for people who believe that there’s always an easy and simple way to do things.

This is an on-demand and bingeable micro summit. Watch the videos or listen to the audio recroding anytime and anywhere! Enjoy!

P.S. All five experts have gifts for you, too!

Did you know?



Studies show that gender bias and societal demands and expectations are some of the factors. Beyond the numbers and statistics,

I SEE YOU AND UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN. How? Because I also suffered from burnout like many of you. Here are some of our challenges. Do you agree?


High price & limited access

to health professionals & services


Struggling to find time

to commit to regular wellness programs


Lack of energy

to do wellness practices

Tea Mindfulness Rituals Course

So we’re bringing the Stress-Less Summit to you for FREE!

At Lady Glass®, we try our best to teach you our tried and tested simple stress-less ways. Like in our Tea Mindfulness Rituals course.

We help you transform stressful times into moments of calm


While you…

1. Save Money 

2. Save Time 

3. Save Energy 

The Stress-Less Summit is Hosted by Lady Glass®…

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Meet the Stress-Less Summit Speakers…

Have you ever manifested something before? Was the experience painful or easy?

In this interview, Irena and I talk about how to MANIFEST SOMETHING IN AN EASIER AND SIMPLE WAY. Did you know that was even possible? Listen to our session and find out how you can manifest that new job, travel destination, win at a competition, funding, and more! Irena also has a special gift for you that you can find inside the platform once you register.

Irena Miller

Energy Alchemist & Spiritual Life Guide

Have you ever felt stuck because of procrastination and/or prefectionism? Might you have also suffered from the consequences of being a people pleaser?

You’re not alone. Dawn, a recovering people pleaser shares with us her proven method on how we can turn our DREAMS INTO REALITY WITH EASE. She also has a special gift for you (for FREE) that you can access once you’re in the platform.

Dawn Calvinisti

Transformational Coach

Does cooking or meal prepping feel like a chore most days?

Personally, I love eating but hate cooking. It stresses me out! So, my talk with my friend Genna is especially enlightening because she teaches us some hacks on how to EASILY PLAN AND EXECUTE NUTRITIOUS MEALS even on a weekday! She also shares with you her freebie that you can access through the platform once you register.

Genna Bennett Soh

Stress-Resilience, Nutrition, & Well-being Coach

Juggling family, social, and career life can be a pain! It was one of the reasons for my burnout.

Tiffany and I talk about EASY TIME MANGAMENT TIPS to make TIME YOUR BESTFRIEND. See? It doesn’t have to be your enemy. You just need to figure out how to do that, and this interview will show exactly that. Tiffany also shares a link to a FREE discovery call which you can access through the platform once you register.

Tiffany Hart

Co-Host of the Chart-topping GrowGetters Podcast & Digital Transformation Director

BURNOUT is real! It’s not just in your head. When it strikes, it can be really scary. I’ve lived with it…

Hello there! It’s me again Louise! In this interview (yes, somebody interviews me, too! haha) I’ll share with you my personal tried and tested hacks to reduce the possibility of burnout. Also, I’ll show you how you can TRANSFORM STRESSFUL TIMES into MOMENTS OF CALM in just 1 MINUTE. Are you ready?

Louise Glas

First Tea Mindfulness Fairy, Nurse & Post Grad Psychology Student

Emotionali-TEA: Tea Mindfulness Guide for Your Every Emotion


This guide is an introduction to our Tea Mindfulness for Stress Reduction program. It is for you if you want some healthy tools in understanding and handling your emotions.

Premium loose leaf green, black, fruit, and herbal teas in green tea caddies surrounded with golden spoons and roses