What is Human Design?

"Human Design helped me recover from burnout. I learned how to leverage my unique talents and use them for business and life. It's constantly helping me optimize my holistic well-being. I can't wait to share my learnings and experiences with you so you can uplevel your quality of life, too!" - Louise
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Human Design Reading

“Human Design has personally helped me create more abundance, wealth, and opportunities for myself. It’s like the universe giving you your map to success.” – Louise

I’ll read you chart and guide you on how you can thrive with ease according to your unique design. Recordings and a live 1:1 q & a with me are included.


Receive your reading in 7-10 days

Human Design Introductory Reading

Your Looking Glass to Your Soul

How it works?

Step 1: Book a reading (Add to cart)
Step 2: Wait for the welcome email.*
Step 3: Receive the reading in 7-10 days**

*Welcome Email: I’ll ask the ff: your name, exact birth date, exact time of birth, and birth city and country. These reveal your unique superpowers! The reading is tailor-fit made especially just for you

**7-10 Days: Considering you have provided me with the information needed to read your chart, allow me to deliver the tailor-fit reading straight to your inbox in 7-10 days.

Is Human Design Right for Me?

It’s right for you if you wish to…

  • Invest in your holistic health (Human design is a spiritual tool for self-mastery and ease.)
  • Create more space & flow for abundance
  • Start your inner-healing process
  • To thrive with ease
  • To improve your relationship with others & your environment
  • To be guided in discovering your unique superpowers & purpose

What Will I Get From the Reading?

Your gifts include:

  • A 15-20-min pre-recorded reading delivered straight to your inbox. Re-watch and binge-watch it on-demand.
  • After the reading, book an online 10-15-minute q & a with me. Send me 2 or 3 questions in advance, and I’ll guide you 1 on 1. This will be recorded, and you can revisit it anytime.

What's the Focus of the Reading?

This is an introduction to human design. I’ll show and help you understand your energy type, authority, and strategy. These tools could help you thrive at work and in life with ease.

It could help you release yourself from others’ expectations.

It’s an awakening allowing yourself to live your unique design and fulfill your purpose.

Why Should I Let You Guide Me?

Great question! I believe in making holistic health available for everyone. It includes spiritual well-being, too. As a nurse & post-graduate psychology in the workplace major, I use tea and human design as tools to help you uplevel your quality of life… the same way it has helped me recover from anxiety, burnout, and depression.

I’ve also been studying Human Design for over two years and apply my learnings in my personal and business life. What I teach are the tips and tricks I have tried, learned, and experienced first-hand.

I dove even deeper and learned from Human Design teachers. Now, I’m finally ready to share my learnings and experiences, so I can help you the way it has helped me.

Book a session if you’re looking for a human design fairy with both theory and practical experience. I’d be happy to guide you. 😀

How Can Human Design Help Me Transform?

Based on my personal experience with the help of human design, I have:

  • Allowed more money to come into my life with ease
  • Created and opened more doors for myself and my businesses
  • Saved my time, energy, effort, and money
  • Recovered from burnout
  • Improved my relationships with myself and others
  • Started my inner healing which alleviated my anxiety and depression
  • Permitted myself to live unapologetically
  • I’m just finally me. 🙂

    I’ve met many people who share similar experiences thanks to the awareness we received through a Human Design Reading.

    What would be your transformation?


    Receive your reading in 7-10 days

    What’s my human design?

    Hi there! I’m Louise, a 1/3 splenic projector and your human design fairy and guide. 😀

    A reading is the first step in discovering and sharing your unique superpowers. It validated a lot of my assumptions about myself. I learned how to use my time and energy to my advantage and also applied what I’ve learned in my businesses and career. It helps me thrive and be more abundant with ease.

    As previously mentioned, it also helped me recover from burnout as it promotes healing, self-discovery, and holistic health and well-being.

    Curious to know your unique design? Click add to cart for me to guide you when you’re ready.

    Talk to you soon!

    Human design reader human design fairy


    Receive your reading in 7-10 days

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