English Breakfast

Blended Black Tea, 30g ca. 15 cups, Loose Leaf Caddy

“I love that it doesn’t taste processed like the usual English Breakfast teas.”- Nicky, Customer

The English Breakfast Tea is the world’s most popular blended tea. It will surely wake you up to help you act with clarity.


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Meet Your Tea: English Breakfast

“Each day is a chance to start anew. Take it.” – English Breakfast

Your Personali-TEA

This is you in a cup:

  • You are strong and decisive.
  • You are a classic.

Your Benefits

  • It keeps you awake and alert.
  • It helps you start your day right

Ingredients & Brewing Tips:

Black Tea blended

Ingredients: Blended black tea


  • 1 tsp.
  • 2-4 min.
  • 100C

Flavor & Mouthfeel:

  • Medium to full-bodied
  • Malty and strong
  • With nutty, caramel, and some wine notes

Tea Fact

  • Coming soon…

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