Louise Glas Lady Glass Tea Fairy

Yes, you read it right.

I’m The First Tea Mindfulness Fairy.

Some fairies don’t have wings… or maybe we do. You’re just not seeing it yet. Perhaps you need a dash of tea and relaxation fairy dusts to feel the magic! Don’t worry! You’re in the right place. Escape to the magical Lady Glass® digital spa…

Feeling a bit more relaxed now? Everytime you’re feeling stressed and lost, visit our digital spa to remind yourself that you’re not alone and you can be anything you want to be.

Aside from being a fairy, what does Louise do?

I get this question a lot! Aside from “fairy-ing”, I’m also a nurse, certified tea specialist, and post grad psychology student at the University of Aberdeen. On a magical fairy day, I host tea tastings, tea parties, and wellness workshops for groups and companies. I also write and speak about reducing stress, adding ease to life, and improving holistic health.

In my pre-fairy life, I used to be an early childhood teacher for eight years and a freelance SEO specialist.

My personal and professional expertise and experience led me to create Lady Glass®, so we can achieve…

Our Mission

“We want to help


invest in their holistic health so they can uplevel their quality of lives.”

Woman teaching mindfulness meditation

Nobody has to suffer like I did…


I was diagnosed with anxiety, burnout, and depression. There isn’t any way to sugarcoat it. The reality is, one in four adults could be affected by mental ill health in their lives.

Beyond the figures, I’ve met many who are suffering from mental ill health like me. One of the major differences is the access to support.

I’m lucky to have a therapist, a supportive group, and the knowledge to heal, manage, and thrive. Unfortunately, many do not.

Mental health services are either too expensive or non-existent. As a person from the healthcare field and who has suffered, I felt like something has to be done.

So I created Lady Glass®. I believe in making holistic health possible for everyone.

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Our Milestones

I only wanted to drink delicious fine tea, feel like Marie Antoinette and Alice everyday, and advocate for mental health. But everything has changed. My ambitious self and lust for life and learning has pushed me to create something to make life a little better. This is just the beginning. So excited for what’s to come! Are you ready for a magical wellness ride?

Wellness Startup Winner

Women Startup Competition Global Finals:

3rd Place Winner 2022


Holistic CommuniTEA:

Over 100 members


Fine Tea:

Over 1,000 teas sold


From part-time online tea shop to being the FIRST tea mindfulness digital spa!

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As seen in…

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You can be anything you want to be. That’s your magic!


If there’s one thing I want you to remember, it’s that. READ IT AGAIN. This time say “I can be anything I want to be. That’s my magic!” Repeat it until it sinks in.

In those moments of doubts and darkness, know you’re not alone. I’m here to help you with the Lady Glass® Holistic CommuniTEA.

Through our free content, online courses, and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to make a holistic health possible for EVERYONE.

Tea Fairy

Are you ready to invest in your holistic health?

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Tea Mindfulness Rituals

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B2B Wellness Workshops

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Fun Facts & Collabs!

  • Classic Taurus (April baby) & water monkey
  • 1/3 splenic projector – so please INVITE ME to share with you my valuable gifts & insights. I’ll show you ways to add ease & calm into your life you haven’t thought of.
  • Black & white films, public speaking, walking in snow, hoarding books, & swimming
  • I enjoy school as much as the “real” world. Love game theory, psychology, economics, ethics, & history!
  • Eating cake, shopping, traveling, & lounging are my thing
  • I’m NOT outdoorsy – I live in Bavaria with one of the most amazing alps in the world! I’d ski but won’t hike, camp, or whatever. Meet you at the top with the gondola!
  • I play the piano & sing to de-stress
  • Filipino-German & know 6 languages

If you feel like we’re a match, reach out. Would love to collab! – Louise 😀

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