Our Story

Our Mission

To spread PositiviTEA through our Romantic Fine Teas while building a CommuniTEA.

The Brand

Lady Glass is a Romantic Tea Brand that promotes love... LOVE for others and for oneself. We believe that you can only truly love others once you have completely loved yourself.

Love Letters in a Cup

Each tea is named after real people and contains their wisdom to help you overcome daily challenges. May they inspire and motivate you to be your best, so you can also pay it forward by helping, inspiring, and loving others.

The Lady

Louise Glas is a Certified Tea Specialist and a Registered Nurse. Louise is also the creator and founder of the Romantic Tea Brand, Lady Glass.

Louise's mission is to promote mental health awareness and self-care by providing others with positiviTEA and a safe communiTEA. Mental health is personally important to Louise as she herself has suffered from burnout, anxiety, and depression. She pledges to spread the PositiviTEA by hosting tea and wellness events and writing articles about tea as a form of self-care and other topics.

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Louise takes it day by day with a healthy company, good food, and a cup of romantic fine teas in her hand.
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Part of loving yourself is being surrounded by positive people. Our Lady Glass CommuniTEA is exactly that and is open to ALL, who share the same values that we uphold --- LOVE and RESPECT for others and oneself.

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Collaboration and Partnerships

Lady Glass is a romantic and creative brand and we are open to collaborations of any artistic kind. Feel free to say "Hello" and connect with us anytime

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