Free Guided Meditation for Sleep and Anxiety

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Did you know?

a. Anxiety is treatable and manageable.

  • Yes, it is possible. According to the Mayo Clinic, the combination of psychotherapy or talk therapy and medications are the main treatments. Self-care practices such as mindfulness meditation are also helpful in calming the mind.

Try this free guided meditationfor sleep and anxiety to help you calm yourself and breathe away your anxious thoughts.

b. Anxiety is different from stress.

  • Some of us could have interchanged these two terms at some point. It is nice to know the difference. The Anxiety & Depression Association of America says that stress is our bodily response to threats. It is its way of protecting itself. Anxiety on the other hand is our reaction to stress.

c. Anxiety does not only occur in your head,

  • “Chill out. It’s all in your head.” I have heard this statement a couple of times already, and I end up educating them. That is a myth. Anxiety also present physical manifestations like nausea, tummy ache, sweating, cold clammy feet, lightheaddedness, and many more.


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Natural Tools to Help You Deal WIth Anxiety

Now that we know that anxiety is treatable and manageable with medication and psychotherapy, try these complimentary and integrated health practices to help you more.

“One can not overdose on PositiviTEA”- Louise (That’s what I always tell my CommuniTEA.)

I hope this short blog post has helped you even just a bit. Take care!


Louise, Registered Nurse and Certified Tea Specialist