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Free Guided Meditation for Sleep and Anxiety

Free Guided Meditation for Sleep and AnxietyDid you know? a. Anxiety is treatable and manageable. Yes, it is possible. According to the Mayo Clinic, the combination of psychotherapy or talk therapy and medications are the main treatments. Self-care practices such as...

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Mental Health at Christmas

Mental Health at ChristmasChristmas is in the air, yet It doesn't feel like it. Has this thought ever occurred to you even just once? If yes, you are not alone. I was scrolling on Facebook and saw one of my friend's posts claiming that perhaps Christmas is only for...

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Benefits of Earl Grey

Benefits of Earl Grey   In this blog, we will focus on the benefits of Earl Grey. From my experience, Earl Grey ought to be the most popular tea. I personally call it the entry-level tea. Not because it is inexpensive, but it is easily accessible. Aside from it...

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Different Types of Teas

What are the Different Types of Teas   Have you ever entered a tea shop and felt overwhelmed because of the hundreds of choices? You perused the tea caddies and read the labels. There are different types teas like Black and Green. On your left, you saw Yellow...

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