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Successful businesses need happy & healthy teams.

Based on research & experience, businesses who proactively invest in their team’s well-being save and earn more than those who do not.

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Invest in your team to boost productivity, creativity, efficiency, & team work.

We help you find the right evidence-based practices that fit your organization. Keep your team holistically healthy and fit. 

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I, like many others, have experienced work-related burnout at some point.

Sadly, not many of us have the support we need to heal and go back to work. But…


What if…


There was a well-being plan in place?

There was management & team support?

The reaction was proactive rather than reactive?

Then the company could have probably saved more & spared the losses.


Do you also feel the same?

Tell us what you need & we’d be delighted to
co-create your very own well-being program.

Here are some of the well-being activities that might help you and your team. What do you feel you need most?

Mindfulness at work workshop

Well @ Work Workshops

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On-Demand Meditation Library

Premium loose leaf lime blosson and motherwort tea for grief healing

Corporate Gifts & Giveaways

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Tailor-made Company
Well-being Plan

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Health Talks

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Well @ Work Retreats

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Who’s Your Guide?

Hello there! I’m Louise, your guide in co-creating the well-being plan fit for your organization’s needs.


I’m a nurse & post graduate psychology in the workplace student at the University of Aberdeen. I’ve conducted team activities to boost teamwork and manage stress.


I look forward to co-creating your very own
Organization Well-being Plan.

Download my PR KIT for more information. See you soon!


Send an inquiry here louise@theladyglass.com. Please give us 3-5 business days to reply to you. Looking forward to assisting you!

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Emotionali-TEA: Tea Mindfulness Guide for Your Every Emotion


This guide is an introduction to our Tea Mindfulness for Stress Reduction program. It is for you if you want some healthy tools in understanding and handling your emotions.

Premium loose leaf green, black, fruit, and herbal teas in green tea caddies surrounded with golden spoons and roses