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Behind the Brand Part 1: The Tea Lady

Hi there! ! Welcome to our Lady Glass® CommuniTEA!

My name is Louise Glas, the Creator and Founder of Lady Glass®, your Romantic Tea Brand.

What prompted me to create Lady Glass®?

I am originally from the Philippines, but I have been living in Germany since December 2015. I love the language, architecture, culture, weather, Kaiserschmarrn, and more, but not a big fan of the teas. This reality hit me more as I was prone to flu when I moved. All I wanted to drink was a fine-tasting cuppa. Every time I made myself one, I sighed and got disappointed. Perhaps because growing up in Asia, I was used to premium teas, both true and herbal. So, I studied tea, became a Certified Tea Specialist, and created my own Romantic Tea Brand, Lady Glass®.

How did I become Your Tea Lady From the Garden?

Funny you ask! Exactly one year ago, Germany was in the verge of a pandemic lockdown. As a Registered Nurse, I knew the gravity of the situation and have anticipated that the lockdown would last a looooong time. Regardless of knowing, my mental health was still negatively affected. Since tea generally makes me happy, I though to myself “hey, I should vlog about teas!”. I called it the QuaranTEAno series. So, I started to talk about teas in our garden. Ergo, This is Louise, Your Tea Lady From the Garden.

Why is Lady Glass® called Your Romantic Tea Brand?

Oftentimes, people perceive me as an old soul and a hopeless romantic. It is evident with my love for black and white films, books, and conversations (when you talk to me). The goal is to combine my personality with teas and make it relatable to as many people as possible. While at it, give them love through every sip. I just believe that it’s already a tough world out there, why not create a brand that stands for something personal and dear to me like – LOVE. Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? Hence, Romantic Tea Brand.

Why do I put so much weight on LOVE, you might ask? I struggle with anxiety and depression. Nobody would have noticed had I not said a word. It takes courage to recognize it, more so to admit it, even more, to seek help, and write about it. That’s why love and kindness are important to me. I hope to spread as much PositiviTEA as I can through Lady Glass®, to ease the loneliness even just a tiny bit.

On each tea, you will find encouarging words from your TEA GUIDES, to help you overcome your daily challenges.

That is the mission:
To spread PositiviTEA through our Romantic Fine Teas while building a CommuniTEA

. . .

Lady Glass® Romantic Teas and Tea Tasting Events

The original plan was to sell teas online and through pop-ups. BUT Covid-19/Corona happened, and all events were canceled! How was I supposed to launch a start-up amid the pandemic? After careful thought, I dived into it, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Instead of just offering tea products, I also host online corporate and private tea parties for to show the people the magical world of tea. I created two main tea party events: Intro to Tea Series and My Matcha Moment. Also, B2B has been a surprise. I started to collaborate with like-minded businesses. It’s a fun way to connect with people near or far while learning and sipping our Romantic Fine Teas.

To learn more about Lady Glass®, Your Romantic Tea Brand, read the other blog entries, watch our branding video, read your PersonaliTEA, and meet your teas!

B2B and B2C

For B2B and B2c inquiries, please feel free to contact me:

and let me help you gain more PositiviTEA.


Louise, Your Tea Lady From the Garden

(Certified Tea Specialist)

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