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Romantic Fine Teas, PositiviTEA, and CommuniTEA

With all that is happening in the world, Lady Glass® is your safe haven. 

We are here to give you these:


Each tea contains wisdom to help you overcome your daily challenges.


Each tea is inspired and named after a real person known as your tea guides.


Each tea is carefully crafted and selected with love by a Certified Tea Specialist.

Need Love & Inspiration?

Our Lady Glass Love Letters could help you along the way.

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"I am Powerful, I am ME."

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Why Lady Glass?

Hi there! My name is Louise Glas.

I am a Registered Nurse and a Certified Tea Specialist. People refer to me as "Your Tea Lady From the Garden".

I am passionate about self-care and mental health, as I myself have also suffered from anxiety and depression. Taking it day by day, I wish to spread PositiviTEA while building a CommuniTEA through Lady Glass, Your Romantic Tea Brand.

Lady Glass reminded me to make more time for myself. As a full-time housewife and mother of a toddler, I feel stressed out and rarely have time for myself. When buying teas, I feel overwhelmed and confused because there are too many choices. So, I only purchase the teas that I know. Buying from Lady Glass was hassle-free! The teas are delicious, and the brand details are thoughtful! The website is easy to navigate, and Louise, the tea lady, is so lovely and makes the shopping experience personal. Lady Glass made me more adventurous in trying new teas. It taught me that the teas are also like people through their PersonaliTEAs. What I love the most is the self-care aspect of the brand. I make more time for myself by mindfully drinking my Romantic Fine Teas.

Cece Sutanto ,

Excellent customer service! Buying teas from other shops was confusing and stressful! There are too many choices and not so good customer service. I love the excellent and efficient customer service at Lady Glass. Their teas are really delicious, and you don’t need to add sugar. On top of that, the aroma is so relaxing. Louise, the tea lady, put together a comprehensive tea selection known as the Love Letters in a Cup. Well done!

Paola Heigl ,

Tea & Food Pairing
made fun & easy for you!

Grab the 3-day guide with a BONUS feature on self-care, so you can remain positive while unleashing the tea expert in you!

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