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Lady Glass helps you uplevel your quality of life through our signature Relaxing Rituals…

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Experience the magic of Lady Glass Digital Spa…

Did you know that women suffer more from burnout than men? To thrive & flourish, we would like to guide you in investing in your holistic health…

Tea Mindfulness Rituals

We help you transform stressful times into moments of calm in just 1 minute.

How? Gain-Spend-Earn, a Lady Glass Ritual.

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Hi, I’m Louise! The First Tea Mindfulness Fairy. I’m a nurse, postgrad psych, cert. tea specialist, & your guide to investing in your holistic health.

The “Tea Mindfulness Rituals” course is similar to mindfulness based stress reduction just better! 

  • one-time investment

  • lifetime access

  • FREE live meditations for accountability

  • signature 1-min tea mindfulness meditations to incorporate into your hectic life

  • unique tea recipes for your mental health



It’s BEGINNER FRIENDLY, and for Corporate Career Climbers, Busy Business Women, & Stressed-out Moms, who need stress relief NOW.


You’re not alone. We can help you.

Wins From Our Holistic CommuniTEA…

I love the ease & comfort of drinking the teas & learning more about calmness at Lady Glass. As a busy business woman, the delicious taste & relaxing aroma really help me wind down. Thank you, Louise!

Paola Heigl

Lady Glass helped me make more time for myself. As a full-time housewife and mother of a toddler, I feel stressed out and rarely have time for myself. Being a part of the Lady Glass CommuniTEA taught me prcatical ways to manage stress! The teas are delicious, tea mindfulness is refreshing, and Louise, the tea fairy is lovely.

Cece Sutanto

As a Brit, I obviously love tea. But what I love about Lady Glass are the PersonaliTEA, the relaxation, and the feeling of each tea. It helps me experience the romantic and calm tea lifesyle which is more than your usual tea brand.

Roxana W.

Emotionali-TEA: Tea Mindfulness Guide for Your Every Emotion


This guide is an introduction to our Tea Mindfulness for Stress Reduction program. It is for you if you want some healthy tools in understanding and handling your emotions.

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